John Lapointe,Vancouver,BC,加拿大的软件银河游戏官方首页商
John Lapointe.


约翰一直在20年的Web银河游戏官方首页人员工作。他的专业知识包括HTML和CSS模板银河游戏官方首页,响应框架,如Zurb Foundation和Twitter Bootstrap,PHP和MySQL应用程序以及自定义WordPress主题银河游戏官方首页。
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  • Dominet Web服务
    Woocommerce,Zurb Foundation,JavaScript,jQuery,PHP,WordPress,Bootstrap ...







HTML.,Zurb Foundation,Bootstrap,WordPress




  • 合同Web银河游戏官方首页人员

    2004年 - 2021年
    Dominet Web服务
    • Developed and managed consumer websites for the Mark Anthony Group for more than a year including brands like White Claw (//, Mike's Hard (//, and Bearface Whisky (//
    • Developed a theme for the Festival of Authors event in Toronto for 2020 (// Work included advanced integration with the Tessitura Network event/resource management CRM including custom login sessions and registrations.
    • Developed a resources manager, FAQ manager, photo galleries, video galleries, and online courses with quizzes and audio files for //
    • Developed a system for showing graduates of the Artizo Institute on a Google Map with pictures for icons and a custom popup info window at //
    • Developed a new responsive WordPress website specializing in identity theft awareness and prevention called Identity First (// Tasks included creating a custom MemberPress integration with an API.
    • Developed an advanced API-based prize order form using WooCommerce for NSA Canada ( // ) that created one big order form with two different pricing schemes and a credit system.
    • Worked onsite as the lead developer for four months developing new websites for the Rogers Communications’ Cityfone line of websites, including // and //
    • 为不列颠哥伦比亚省的室内设计师制定了会员注册表。工作涉及编程用于从CSV文件,会员页面和搜索页面导入成员的表单,该页面允许按类别,名称等搜索成员。
    技术:Woocommerce,Zurb Foundation,JavaScript,JQuery,PHP,WordPress,Bootstrap,CSS,HTML


  • Maximizer CRM(银河游戏官方首页)

    在三个月的合同上工作,重新银河游戏官方首页并简化了一个基于温哥华的最大化器CRM的1,000多页WordPress网站。任务涉及基于新设计创建新的Bootstrap 4主题,设置网站以使用WP面包店可视编辑器并重新编辑所有页面,重新组织内容和资产,从核心中删除过时的刀片模板,并使用重力表格,各种API和自定义功能重新创建所有销售和引导页面。

  • Cityfone(银河游戏官方首页)

    Worked onsite as the lead developer for four months developing new websites for the Rogers Communications’ Cityfone line of websites, including // and //
    Duties involved front-end development using Bootstrap 4 for converting design files to responsive templates and employing jQuery at an advanced level. I also completed the back-end development using PHP, AJAX, and an Oracle database, and the Expression Engine CMS. I created a very advanced one-page app that allowed visitors to select phone plans and up to two different devices while fetching pricing deals and bonus offers from the database. The result can be seen at //

  • 多伦多国际作者节(发展)

    在Bootstrap 4中银河游戏官方首页了启动主题,具有使用TESSITURA网络API构建巨大的事件管理Web应用程序的基础。我将登录,密码重置,帐户创建和事件注册集成到WordPress框架中。


  • 语言

    HTML., HTML.5, CSS., PHP., javascript.
  • 构架

    Bootstrap 4., Bootstrap 3., Zurb Foundation.
  • 平台

    WordPress., Woocommerce.
  • 其他

    WordPress.主题, API集成, 重力形成, 成员产, SEO工具, 蜜蜂
  • 图书馆/ API.

    jquery., Salesforce API.


  • 网络银河游戏官方首页文凭
    1998年 - 1999年
    Praxis培训学院 - 加拿大渥太华
  • 多媒体学习技术文凭
    1995年 - 1997年
    新的不伦瑞克社区学院 - 加拿大新不伦瑞克米拉米希
  • 学士's degree in Science
    1990年 - 1994年
    新不伦瑞克大学 - 加拿大新不伦瑞克州弗雷德里克顿